Cheap Car Locksmith

Locksmith have a super important job, yet somehow the industry is looked down on as being scammy, slimy, and sometimes even criminal. So many locksmiths advertise themselves as a cheap car locksmith, but either they cause damage to your vehicle because they don’t know proper skills, or charging an exorbitant amount of money because they know they can take advantage of you in this time of need.

The truth is that auto locksmiths are not always cheap, when done right. However, there are cheap car locksmiths out there who are willing to help you, but you have to know where to look.

Find a cheap car locksmith in your area RIGHT NOW. Find your location on the list below:

Locksmith Denver CO – 24/7 locksmith emergency services, residential and commercial services also offered here. Security features like safes and high security locks are available.

Locksmith Dallas TX – The fastest locksmith in Dallas! Serving all the metro Dallas areas including McKinney, Allen, Plano, and more.

Locksmith Boise ID – Family owned and operated, trustworthy locksmith company. Accurate estimates and time of arrival. No price gouging here!

24 Hour Locksmith Irving TX – Small locksmith company based out Irving Texas. These guys are the real deal. The quote they give you over the phone will be the exact price you pay, no hidden fees.

Jacksonville Locksmith – Locksmith in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

What Do Auto Locksmiths Do?

An auto locksmith will meet you wherever you are, stranded and locked out of your vehicle. Ideally, they will arrive at your location as soon as they can, however, often times people wait hours upon hours for the locksmith to arrive. This is almost always caused by locksmiths who service a different city not wanting to pass by on the business, so they take the job even though they are too far away to get there at a reasonable interval. Rather than suggest a closer locksmith in your town, they will just lie and say they can be there within 30 minutes. This is rarely true.

After they arrive (and some high quality yet cheap car locksmith agencies will arrive in a short amount of time), they will determine that your vehicle’s make, model, and year match the description you gave them over the phone. Then they will use special auto locksmith tools to get into your car. The tools vary based on what kind of vehicle you have and what kind of lock it uses.

Cheap Car Locksmith Tips

  • Don’t necessarily hire the absolute CHEAPEST auto locksmith you find. Be aware of prices that seem to good to be true! They probably are. We want you to find a quality locksmith that will help you, and not another bad car locksmith experience
  • Try to find a locksmith business in town, with a brick and mortar location near you. I know this can be difficult to do when you’re stranded, but now that most of us have smart phones it should be feasible to do a little research on the company before you agree and have them come get you.
  • Try to have a locksmith in mind, for emergency situations. This way you aren’t left panicking one day when you misplace your keys.
  • If you lose your phone or your phone is locked in the car, try to borrow a phone from someone else if possible. Many people don’t like to let strangers use their phone (in case of theft) so it would be wise to approach a retail business and let them know your situation.